Acute rescue

This lady of 38 yrs suffered from this type of throat with pain,a choking sensation, constricted feeling with body ache, malaise headache and fever. Chily feeling and unwell feeling, not thirsty. Causation: eating a chilled mango from the fridge at night. Pain she said is worse on the right side , worse when swallowing
Now rescue her with a homoeopathic remedy.




  1. Bell in acute or hepar sulph. But constitutional must be considered at the time also.

  2. Corydalis formosa, Q.It is the best medicine for these problems. Many physician don’t know the name of this medicine.

  3. If this is chronic (recurring), especially with history of Strep throat — Streptococcinum.

  4. Apis lm In acute situation Hahnemann used only animal or plant (see organon 6th edition).

  5. Belladonna30,Heper sulf 30,,,,,2 drops after every 3 hour,15/20 days ,,,,,,,

  6. Belladona*hepar sulph*phytolacca dec*silicea*baryta carb*metc sol*ferrum phos*aconite* combo liq mixture 1m potency 15 drops 4 tines a day for 15/20 days

  7. Based on causation C V is indicated but she has predisposition to it calcareacarb, hep sulph, sulph, bary carb, psorinum can be given.


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