Abscess in dogs

Some dogs suffer from abscesses, which may be recurrent. They may be due to infection of a bite, scratch or other wound, or be a result of a general septic state, perhaps following a severe illness.
SHould an abscess be seen to be threatening, with a swelling which is hot and tender, but in which there is not yet actual pus, BELLADONNA my check the condition and clear it.
Where pus is present, and where the abscess is extremely tender, and the dog irritable and chilly, HEPAR SULPHURIS. It is not easy to decide between this remedy and SILICA, but the latter is less irritable mentally, having more of the PULSATILLA temperament. SILICA also comes in better for the latter stages, and helps healing after the evacuation of pus.

A special form of recurrent abscess is that between the toes of dogs. Silica is the best remedy here.

Another special site affected by abscess in dogs is the anus. The anal gland here may become infected and cause abscess formation. The treatent is similar to that of abscess in other positions. A troublesome sequel may be fistula, which SILICA may healp to heal.




  1. Silica sometimes bring boils to head in animals so I wonder if it would be good for that too


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