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A train named Samuel Hahnemann

The German Railways and homeopathy: On August 27, 2015 has baptized a train the Elbe-Saale-Bahn in the name of Samuel Hahnemann in Köthen (Anhalt) station.

Thomas Webel (photo left), Minister of Transport of Saxony-Anhalt, Werner Sobetzko, President of the Municipal of Köthen, Henriette Hahn, German Railways, and Monika Kölsch, Chief Financial Officer of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) paid tribute in their speeches the merits of Samuel Hahnemann.

The founder of homeopathy have been set many monuments, streets were named after him and stamps printed in his honor. “And now Hahnemann will be honored with the naming of a modern train. That pleases us as the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors course especially “Monika Koelsch said. With his arrival in 1821 in the city, Hahnemann laid the foundation that Köthen is today associated with homeopathy worldwide. The DZVhÄ, founded in 1829 in Köthen, relocated after the reunification of its seat in the city, as well as the World Medical Association homeopathic LMHI.

“A restless researcher and doctor”

Monika Kölsch, Chief Financial Officer of DZVhÄ
Monika Kölsch, Chief Financial Officer of DZVhÄ, Photo: DZVhÄ
A welcome address by Monika Kölsch, Chief Financial Officer at DZVhÄ:

Dear Minister Webel, ladies and gentlemen,

on behalf of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians, I cordially welcome you on the occasion of this train setup here in Köthen. The city by the way in which the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians, was established as the oldest medical association in Germany in 1829 by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
To appoint a train to Samuel Hahnemann, a wonderful idea. In my view, hardly a worthier namesake provides for a train that is traveling in the home of the founder of homeopathy.

From here his teaching went out into the whole world. Both took place in Germany and around the world teaching his ardent supporters, who the pugnacious scholar Hahnemann set many monuments. 1851 one in Leipzig, 1897, another in Köthen, 1900 probably the most monumental statue in Washington, in 1906 a street in Leipzig was named after him in 1955 and 1996 stamps were printed in his honor and now he is 2015, with the baptism of a modern train Elbe Saale Bahn honored to Samuel Hahnemann. That pleases us as the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors course especially.

I can assure you, even if a good homeopathic first consultation takes 1-2 hours, my speech will be shorter. Although we homeopathic doctors operate on the principle of similarity – Similia similibus curentur, but it “never more than necessary” also applies to the principle.

The travel was around 1800 from our vantage point cumbersome and walked slowly from equip – there were no trains. Lived Hahnemann at the present time, it would surely have car or plane brought forward the train because he would have been possible here to work concentrated or to reflect or simply to relax. In spite of his enormous daily workload he attached great importance to recovery periods.

Hahnemann moved alone 1781-1805 20 times around with his growing family (Johanna Kuchler, 11 children). Continuously he grabbed the carriages and traveled through northern and central Germany. In Köthen but he was then a long time sedentary. Hahnemann was a tireless researcher and doctor: He estimated that for science open air in the Duchy – a reason for his move from Leipzig to Köthen. His sponsors and patient, Duke Ferdinand of Anhalt-Köthen, a house left him in the Wallstraße 47 and awarded him the title Privy Councillor. Hahnemann cured him in return of a dangerous nervous disorder, so it is said.

He put 1821 with his entry into the city the foundation that the name Köthen is now connected to the recognized method of therapy homeopathy worldwide. The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors came back to his roots when he moved his seat to Köthen after reunification. Since then, our Medical Association has a presence in this city home, with lots of activities in public life. So you can visit our European Library for Homeopathy in Köthen, visit the restored Hahnemann House and much more. Every year there are homeopathic medical congresses here. The seat of Homeopathy Foundation and the Science Society of Homeopathy, WissHom, located in Koethen.

Since 2013 Köthen is also the seat of the World Medical Association homeopathic LMHI, in whose name we the great homeopathic World Medical Assembly in Leipzig and Köthen align in two years. We would be very pleased if our international guests then take a train called Samuel Hahnemann could travel between Leipzig and Köthen.

Could Samuel Hahnemann attend this event, he would be proud and would rather look forward probably less about the personal honor because on the dissemination of his teachings. I especially enjoyed was him an article in your own web-magazine “Mobil”. Even and especially this city, and the region would benefit.

Thank you very much for inviting me but especially for the wonderful idea to baptize this train on the name of Samuel Hahnemann. May be circulated through this baptism the teachings of Hahnemann. The passengers of this train, I wish a safe journey.

Many thanks!

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