A perfect cure


A compositor, set. 24, lean, of pale, earthy complexion, suffered for years after eating carrots, all sorts of cabbage, especially the white and sauerkraut, every species of fruit, pears in particular : violent attacks of neuralgia ; a certain movement was felt about the navel, then suddenly, always at the same place a pinching as if by pincers followed, with the most intolerable pain lasting half or a whole minute ; each time it went away with rumblings in the stomach, extending to the coecal region.

There occurred also a sensation of constriction above and below, preventing flatus from passing. Attacks of anxiety and pain increase from half
to a whole hour, abdomen swelled and became painful to the touch. Along with all this : inclination to vomit, chest constricted, breathing shorter, more and more difficult, cold sweat, stupefaction and total exhaustion. Could not swallow a drop of liquid, much less any solid food. He lay many hours stupefied, unconscious, with a swollen face and protruded eyes, without sleep. After wind passed up or down it went off.

Veratrum. album., four powders, each containing four grains of the powdered root, caused a dreadful aggravation, followed by a perfect cure.




  1. Sir
    I belong to Jagdishpur.
    Last two year i have been suffering from atopic dermatitis with psorysis.
    I have been used alopathy but after treatment it come again
    And much worse.
    My whole body covered by A.D.
    Head to foot
    Now i treated by a homeopathy docter A.K. Gautam from last 48 days.
    There is some better response.
    But no stop to spread. what i do sir
    Please tell me
    My age 18
    Some time i think about sucide
    But i love my parents
    So i am unable to sucide.
    Now i treat by Sulpher,graphitis,rhus tox


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