A letter about a Homeopath

Letter to Homeopath

My Dear Mr. Muir,… Last summer at Winthrop, one of the suburbs of Boston, where I boarded for three months, I met my fate, no, not a man, but a woman, a physician, a specialist in the line of nervous troubles, a graduate of the Homeopathic School. This little woman, the embodiment of good sense, one of the few who has a sound mind in a sound body, is treating me for Nervous Prostration and I have advanced so far on the road to health that I feel very sure of never going back. I have visions that are more than visions of a clear head a strong body; you can imagine how happy it makes me.
~ Janet – Jan 22, 1890 Boston.
I Love Homeopathy,
Iman 🙂




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