A case of Sarcoma in the Mouth and Gums


 L. D. A—., age 50 years, June 27, 1938. Sarcoma of mouth and gums following a tooth extraction, diagnosis from biopsy and clinical aspects. Not only were the gums ulcerated and swollen but the whole affected side of the face was enormously swollen presenting the well ; known “Frog Face” appearance, the cervical and sub-lingual glands were enlarged and the patient could with great difficulty open his mouth the space of a lead pencil.

     The family history was good and in no way significant ; he had always enjoyed good health, having always been free of infections and venereal disease.

     There was no definite symptomatology to base a homœopathic prescription on, unless the recent surgical injury following extraction with curettment and scraping of the bony processes of the jaw might be used as an irritating factor.

     Radium and X-ray were advised, with possibly more extensive surgery, by the dental specialist who attended the case. But this was refused by the patient on the advice of his family physician who, having no therapeutic symptomatology to prescribe on, sent him to me for a remedy to be selected over the patient’s blood.

     Symphytum Officinalis came through and that remedy, given in the 10M and 50M potencies at well spaced intervals of from one to three months apart, cured this case completely in, the space of a year.

     This case continues to report to me at intervals for a sinus condition of a rather mild catarrhal nature for which Carbo Veg. has been prescribed since Sep. 11, 1939 to the present time.

     The same intervals of time have elapsed in a series of potencies of Carbo Veg. from the 10M to the CM. which was given on April 1, 1940. He will now be turned back to the physician who sent him to me cured entirely within the space of two years.

     This case presents a classical cure with the single remedy given in a series of potencies at properly spaced intervals. Unfortunately we see relatively few showing such happy action.

A case from the Clinic of Dr. A. H. Grimmer





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