A case of Rheumatism

case study

G. S. Can Huesen, ex-sheriff of Cortland county, aged about 60, spare, nervous, active, temperament, after exposure to dry, cold air, came down with rheumatism. It began in the foot and ankle. It was swollen, red, very painful, extorting loud cries from the patient, who had quick pulse and high temperature ; there was great anxiety, restlessness and changing position, although it hurt him. He was in great fear that it was going to spread all over him and kill him. Wanted something to quiet that pain. (Morphine he wanted). So I could give him a powder on his tongue (Sac. lac.) and dissolve Aconite 30th in water, directing his daughter to give him a teaspoonful once in one-half hour until he was easier. He was asleep in two hours, had a good night, and next morning the swelling was half gone, and all the other symptoms were correspondingly ameliorated. Recovery was rapid and complete. (Nash).

Any acute inflammatory disease with these symptoms cannot fail to be favourably influenced or cured by this remedy, especially in the first stage, or before the stage of effusion has set in.

Mark now that what I say, when these symptoms are present. I wish to guard against the too common error of prescribing Aconite in the beginning of inflammatory diseases indiscriminately. The slovenly routinism too common in our ranks cannot be too severely condemned. The practitioner who cannot differentiate between Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum phos., Gelsem., Chamomilla, etc., in the first of such diseases deserves the severest condemnation.

1. FEAR, of death, of crowds, of going out, etc. ; always fearful chronic effects of fright.
2. Complaints from exposure to dry, cold air.
3. Congestions and inflammations ; acute ; first stage ; with great anxiety, unbearable pain ; heat and restlessness ; tosses about in agony ; throws off covering.
4. Pains insupportable, < at night, especially evening ; neuralgia. 5. Face red and flushed, but turns pale on rising, one cheek red. 6. Favorite locality ; larynx (croup), bronchi, lungs, pleura, joints, heat and circulation. 7. Modalities, < in the evening (pains and chest symptoms), lying on left side ; in warm room or warm covering ; > uncovering ; kicks or throws off clothes.

Another great case from the clinic of Dr. Nash.




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