I was called in consultation to an obstinate case of intermittent fever.

It was a case imported from a district in the west where malaria abounds. It had been of years’ standing, having been cured (?) several times by the inevitable Quinine on account of the plasmodium malaria. But of late she had been unable to take Quinine. It made her sicker than the disease. I had suggested Ipec. and again one or two other remedies on the statement of the physician in charge, and because she had been so abused with Quinine, but still the case went on and grew worse until the doctor insisted on my coming to see her.

When I arrived at the house where the patient was she was just coming out of a very severe chill. She was tossing from side to side, with moaning, low delirium with muttering.

I managed to get a look at her tongue, it was red and dry, in a triangular red tip pointing backward. Just then she gave a hard dry cough. What about the cough ? said I. Well, said one of the lady bystanders, that cough is very peculiar. She only coughed during the chill. Probably she won’t cough again now until the next chill. There were other symptoms, of course, which I will not narrate here, because we have enough to prescribe on without fear of failure.

Every homeopath knows what it is. Rhus tox. 200 was given. She never had another chill. The doctor was a good prescriber, but he had not seen the case right in the paroxysm, and he was a young practitioner and had never heart of Carroll Dunham’s cough symptom.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash




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