A Case of Eczema

case study

A young girl aged about 14 came to me with a pustular eruption in the left leg extending from the ankle to the hip ; the pustules were filled with yellow matter and were in size from a millet seed to a pea. When the larger ones had broken and discharged they ran together and left a red, raw, sore surface.

Various domestic lotions and ointments had been applied with no good effect. The leg was drawn up so that the girl walked on the toes on that side. The symptom that led to the prescription was

  • that the pain, itching, and burning were all greatly aggravated in the warmth of the bed and at night.

Mercurius solubilis 2 m, Jenichen, promptly relieved the suffering, and in a few days, the patient was cured.
I have cured several similar cases.




  1. It’s fantastic remedies & all natural well it’s the only medication the royal family use & have done for 40yrs plus that tells you something x

  2. Homeopathic remedy from Holland & Barrett’s didn’t know you was following homeopathy x

  3. Understanding of keynote symptom is the key to selectionfor succussfull homeopathic medicine.


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