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A mason, temperament nervobilious ; for the last year has had dyspepsia. For two hours after eating spits up his food, but it is not acid. A few mouthfuls of food seems to fill him to the throat. Stomach bloats a great deal with flatus, which gives him much distress.

Bowels constipated. Has much dull frontal headache. Has taken much cathartic medicine, which does no good. In this case every symptom except the last one is a most prominent characteristic of Lycopodium in its whole pathogenesis. One prescription of the 30th made a perfect cure. (Burt.)

REMARKS.- Many more cases might be given of this wonderful remedy of which the old school of medicine knows almost nothing, but this is not our object in this work. We only give a few under each remedy. In my lectures on materia medica in New York, after going over the remedy in detail, I give at the end a sort of resume of seven most prominent symptoms around which the whole drug revolved. This was the one for Lycopodium :
1. Spare, thin faced, furrowed of wrinkled, dark, sallow persons.
2. Much flatulence, most in lower abdomen, with much rumbling of wind, mostly pressing downward.
3. Uric acid diathesis, red sand in clear urine.
4. Right-sided complaints, which often go over to the left.
5. Satiety or hunger, but fills up quickly and bloats after eating.
6. Worse from 4 to 8 P. M. (the grand characteristic).
7. Mind irritable, angry or depressed, weeping or stupid ; impending paresis.

I might add here if I had not confined myself to seven :
1. Uncovering >, (Silic. reverse).
2. > by warm drinks.
3. Suddenness (flashes, pains, satiety).
4. Hand clutching entrails (sensation).
5. Restlessness > by motion (Rhus.)
6. Right foot hot, left cold.
7. Burning pains > by heat (scapular, breasts).
8. Dryness of parts (mucous membranes, vagina, skin, especially palms.)

From the clinic of Dr. Nash




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