A case of CHRONIC ULCER cured by SULPHUR

case study

James P — , 49 years of age, a compositor, consulted me on September 20th, 1879, for a chronic ulcer of the right leg. He had suffered from the ulcer for five years.

The patient described its commencement as follows : —

” Five years ago I noticed a blister on my leg, this broke the same night, and has never healed.” He was quite well previously. No history of syphilis, though half a year before the ulcer appeared he had gonorrhoea. The patient had been of rather intemperate habits before the
ulceration appeared. Since that time he had been attending St. Bartholomew’s, Charing Cross, and King’s College Hospital. The leg appeared much inflamed, and the ulcer was about the size of a florin, and of an unhealthy brown colour.

The patient otherwise was in a good state of health, the only other symptom complained of being a slight irritation over the back. The leg was very hot and painful.

I ordered him a lotion of Aconite (two drachms of the 1* tincture to one third of a pint of water) to be applied to the ulcer and round the inflamed parts ; also internally Sulphur.

September 27th. — He was rather better. Medicine and lotion repeated.

October Ist. — Repeat medicine and lotion.

4th. — Still improving ; the ulcer seems to be smaller. Repeat.

11th. — ” Not quite so well, the pain being rather severe in the leg.” Repeat Aconite lotion and Sulph. 3.

18th. — Better again. Repeat medicine and lotion.

25th. — Repeat.

November Ist. — Much better. The ulcer rapidly ” filling up.” Repeat.

8th. — Repeat.

15th.— Ulcer quite healed, nothing remaining but the redness of the leg.

29th. — Still well. Repeat Sulph, 3. Has kept at work all through his attendance.




  1. Symphytum, Kali Bichromicum and Ornanthogalum are best proven remedies for ulcer along with Graphites.

  2. You must mention about which types of ulcers are cured by Sulphur. And in which potency?????
    It would be better. …..


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