A Case of Caries Tibiae

case study

In a woman set. 40 years, who had been bitten on the leg by an insect six years before. The bite induced violent inflammation which produced ulceration, and finally the bone had become affected. An ulcer on the inner side of the leg over the tibia, two and a half inches long, and
one and a half broad, with indurated margins of livid appearance, offensive suppuration and caries of the tibige.

There was great sensibility in the circumference, and severe pain in the margins of the ulcer on being touched.

Asafoetida was followed by gradual improvement, and by the separation of a small spicula of bone half an inch long, and an eighth of an
inch broad. In thirty-six days the ulcer was completely healed.

Reference: The homeopathic Practice of Medicine: By Dr. Jacob Jeanes. M. D





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