A case of Azoturia

Homeopathy for Azoturia

A diseased condition quite frequent with horses, especially mares, in the Autumn.

Mr. Bowen, a resident of this city, called on me with the following history of his mare :
“This morning I harnessed my mare intending to drive to Woodstown. The mare seemed quite well and playful. I started and. drove about two miles when the mare commenced to prespire profusely ; she became suddenly lame in the hind extremities, and all at once she was, as it were, struck down.” He tried to get her up again, but was unable to do so.

On my arrival I found the mare lying on the road, with a complete loss of motor power of the posterior extremities, tremors and violent spasmodic twitching of the large muscles at the loins and gluteal region ; the perspiration was still excessive. Pulse, 85 beats per minute ; temperature, Conjunctivae highly congested.

I gave orders to remove the mare to the nearest farm, which we accomplished, by having her. loaded upon a low sleigh. At the farm we fixed up a nice warm, well ventilated box stall with plenty of bedding.

Next I drenched her with Senna 6 half ounce diluted in one pint of water. Enemas of hot water and fomentations on the loins by means of woolen cloths wrung out from hot water.

Next, I extracted the urine by the use of the catheter to the amount of about two quarts, some of which I took for chemical examination. The urine was of dark brown color with a specific gravity of 1 . 1 20 and great excess of uric acid. Evening I visited the mare again, she looked a great deal relieved. Pulse and temperature lowered, perspiration stopped, another drench con- sisting of two ounces of chloride of sodium in one pint of warm water. I ordered the mare well covered with woolen blankets and left alone during night.

Next morning early I started to see my patient ; at opening the door of the box stall, she pleasantly surprised me by lifting her head, looking around and neighing. Temperature 102. Pulse 46, general good appearance. Extracted the urine, the same looked more natural in color, and contained less of uric acid. My slinging apparatus was fastened, and with the assistance of six men I was able to raise the mare ; she helped herself quite a good deal under the circumstances. We placed her in the slings comfortably, a bran mash and some water were given, which she relished ; also, some good hay. The clonic spasms of the glutal muscles were not so frequent, but still severe.

The treatment consisted now of Senna ix, 10 drops in water every two hours ; the mare recovered very rapidly under this treatment, the only change I made was that I gave Senna from day to day in higher potencies at longer intervals. After two weeks’ time she was out of danger, and after the third week went to work again.

Otto Von Lang, V. S.

Reference: The Homoeopathic Recorder





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