A case for Rhus tox

case study

Ingrowing toe nails and ulcers about the nails are often most troublesome affections, and the more we confine ourselves to the treatment of these apparently local troubles the worse off we shall be as well as the patient.

A few months since I saw a case of this kind in company with another physician. The treatment had been localized, and such remedies as Arn., Merc., Hepar., Nit. ac., had been given.

It now turned out that she was full of Rhus tox. symptoms. Restless nights ; was compelled to change her position frequently, and always with relief ; was stiff in joints and muscles on first motion, better after moving for a while ; loss of appetite, etc.

Rhus tox. in a high potency gave her good night’s rest ; stiffness of joints and limbs left her ; her appetite returned ; the ulcer and apparent ingrowing toe nail got perfectly well a few weeks later without any tropical applications.

H. N. Guersney





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