The never enough remedy, what a pity, sorrow, dirty talking
slam talk, spoild children and adults
the Children do not like girls openly they like to fight but
they a cowards, very mad and anger is manifest in all their issues.
They do not have corage, dirty minded, dirty skin, loss of cleanliness they resist to be washed or bathed, wash teeth, dirty nails, dirty shoes, they like to eat their mucus ant their attitudes is to dare, to oppose, revalry, to challenge others.
can be introverted and misantropous, apathic,
Aversion to water, either to wash, bath or drink water. they agravate by washing face they get epistaxis.
This remedy anciently used because of volatile nature to
relieve fainting and simplea ffections. but is a deep acting
constitutional medicine-an anti=psoric and affects the blood
and affects the whole economy for scorbutic constitutions.
All fluid become acrid, excoriating areas around, like
ulcers with tendency to gangrene, lips dried and cracked
from the excoriating fluids, raw and sore character belonging
to all the exuding fluids and discharges.
They do not like company, feeling every body is against him.
Short dendons, corage, happynes, money, thinking that life
has not given them enough, do not make business.
Worse stretching, better bending.
When they wash in cold water, red spots appear.
all wounds are very long to heal,
since it is a blood descompositon and heart disease remedy
it is the lung dissease where there is deficient oxygenation.
for scarlatina, cold and cyanotic weak pulse and swollen
throat, with bluish red dark tonsils < right side. lies with mouth open in order to breath and with milliard eruption Beatrizhh




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