The Friend of Health by Samuel Hahnemann
When we behold the large family of mankind acting as they
do, when we see with what perseverance they go through
their more or less important spheres of action, which some wretched passion often traces out for them, when we see
how they scarcely deigning to cast a single glance towards
the real blessings of this world, wisdom and health, which
beckon them back in to Eden, we can scarcely refrain from
pitying a race of such noble origin and high destiny.
My mission permits me not to point out the means of
ennobling the mind, it behaves me only to
preach upon the greatest of corporeal blessings,
health, which scarcely any take the trouble to seek after,
and few know how to value until it is lost. It will scarcely be
credited when I assert that nought is shunned more earnestly,
nay is held to be more disgraceful, than rational care about
the health. We indeed hear it occasionally remarked that this
or the other article of diet is wholesome or hurtful, that this or
that remedy is a specific for this or that disease, this or the
habit is injurious, in the higher and lower circles of society,
people interest themselves with fashionable modes
of treatment, marvellous diseases, cases of sudden death,
beautifying remedies, and anecdotes about physicians,
But all this is only vain trifling.
Hahnemann’s the Lesser writings of S. Hahnemann Part i.1
for ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill




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