Philosophy of Homeopathy


Kent’s Philosophy

In my own garden, on the north side of the house, in the shadow, where the ground is copiously watered, the moss has crowded out the grass. So the preparation of the soil preceded the development of any growth.

Changes in the blood, when health is disturbed, make a preparation of soil in the blood for the spontaneous development in the body of various forms to correspond to every change in bodily disorders. To assume that these spontaneous growths cause the sickness is absurd.

To cure the results of disease – the ultimate – we must be guided by the symptoms that represent causes and first periods of developing sick constitutions. The man who waits for pathology to guide him to a remedy for a constitutional sickness is most unwise. If we are to arrest gouty formations we must look for early mental symptoms, as the gouty concretions give small clue to the remedy.

Dr. J. T. Kent




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