“Those who say they have tested homeopathy, and it is a failure, have only exposed their own IGNORANCE. So long as man is capable of believing that Diabetes is disease, and that Bright’s Disease is a disease, so long will man be insane in medicine. His mind is only directed toward the results of disease. It is not homeopathic to say ‘Can you cure a Cancer?’ or ‘Can you cure Epilepsy?’

There is a state of insanity in the sciences of the present day. They put all laws aside, in order to accept, for instance, the molecular theory, because they want something that in its aggregate will be large enough to be felt with the fingers.

When a man thinks from the microscope, and his neighbour’s opinion, he thinks falsely. Nothing good can come from this. The tendency of the human mind to run after things visible that can be felt with the fingers leads one to adopt foolish theories like the bacteria doctrine and the molecular theory. ”
A valuable lesson from Dr. Kent.




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