Wyethia h

Wyethia was introduced and proved, with the fresh root or the tincture, on seven men and two women, by J. M. Selfridge.

Their symptoms make up Allen’s pathogenesis. A later proving (Pacif. C. J. H., vii. 127) was made under Selfridge’s direction with the 1x on Dr. A. McNeil, the 15x on Dr. M. R Underwood, and the 30x on Dr. Eleanor F. Martin. Their symptoms I have marked respectively (M), (U), and (E M) in the Schema.

The first proving gave Wyeth. a definite and important place in throat affections. These symptoms have been confirmed:
“Throat feels swollen; epiglottis dry, and has a burning sensation; constant desire to swallow saliva to relieve the dryness yet affording no comfort; swallows with difficulty.─Prickling, dry sensation in posterior nares; sensation as if something were in nasal passages; an effort to clear them through the throat affords no relief. Burning sensation in bronchial tubes. Dry, hacking cough, caused by tickling in epiglottis.”

The following case was reported tome: A boy had been kept awake many nights by a persistent, dry, hacking, nervous cough. Wyeth. 30 cured in one dose.

Hale gives these cases from Selfridge:
(1) Dry asthma in a lady; Wyeth. gave prompt relief in several paroxysms.
(2) Chronic follicular pharyngitis with dryness of pharynx and burning in epiglottis. In a severe epidemic of influenza Hale found Wyeth. most successful. Other noteworthy symptoms are: Tough, ropy saliva. Pain over left ovary, shooting down to knee. In one case menses, which had been in abeyance since confinement a year before, returned with much pain. Peculiar Sensations are: Mouth as if scalded. Uvula as if elongated. Epiglottis feels dry and burning. Weight in stomach as if something indigestible had been eaten. Uterus feels as if it enlarged in order to contain all the pain. There is belching alternating with hiccough. The symptoms are: .─Uvula feels elongated.─Dryness of fauces; constant desire to clear throat by hemming.─Sensation of heat down œsophagus into stomach,





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