WTR 20151209


I am indicated in violent spasms that comes on by touching larynx. Acute mania, generally of a sexual type, amorous frenzy, fiery desire for sexual intercourse, with persistent painful erections, paroxysms of rage, crying and barking, even convulsions.

Neuralgia of head and face from taking cold, with loud screams and jerking of muscles. Acute inflammation of eyes, with biting and smarting as from a burn.

Lumbago, or great pain in loins, region of kidneys, etc., incessant desire to urinate, moaning and screaming. Pain in os coccygis, lancinating and tearing. Vesicular eruptions, with burning and itching. Effects of burns.

Who am I?

  • PrasadIV


  • Apna Afzal

    i think it is CANTHRUS

  • Asia Bibi

    Canthrus is black I think its not….