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I am indicated in status epilepticus and when you feel that there is a bug under your skin about your waist.

Who am I?

  • Sai Prasad Mishra

    I thought the plant shown is just a wall paper. I don’t know that the picture indicating the remedy.


    Well done. It is Oenanthe crocata. Christine Chmielewski Anja Schmidt Vismay Prajapati Serge Lavorel Argha Nandi

  • Raadia Khan

    Raadia Khan

  • Kavita Deepak


  • Hugo Damm

    Cicuta Virosa

  • Vismay Prajapati

    Repeating the same..its Oenanthe Crocata, an Umbelliferae member..Same as Cicuta Virosa…

  • Inna Dolgopolsky

    The picture is of Cicuta, which is a great remedy for epilepsy, but I did not not sure about sensation of the bug under the skin

  • Dimple Dhawan

    How can it be zincum met… Its a herb from plant kingdom… Zincum metalicum is not plantU0001f600

  • Ortanza Danca

    Oenanthe crocata

  • Ali Afzal

    Cupurm metalicum.

  • Sai Prasad Mishra


  • Sai Prasad Mishra

    Zinc.met….is the right remedy.

  • Neha Rushik Parikh

    Ledum pal

  • Argha Nandi

    Oenanthe crocata
    commonly known as Water dropwart
    from Apiaceae family

  • Nosrat Kazemi

    Its Cicuta Virosa

  • Christine Chmielewski

    Oenanthe crocata – Hemlock Water-dropwort http://www.thepoisongarden.co.uk/blog/blog141011.htm

  • Reza Omidfard


  • Anja Schmidt

    Oenanthe crocata (Safranrebendolde-in german)