WTP 20160526

WTP 20160526

I am indicated when the pain radiates from the over the right eye to the head and from the right ovary down to the thigh.Neuralgic dysmenorrhea. Indigestion from eating too much or drinking too much fluids.

Who am I?




  1. Neuralgic Dysmenorrhoea
    In this class there is usually no structural lesion or organic disorder, the dysmenorrhoea depending upon the presence of a neurotic constitution, the nervous system in general and the uterine nerves in particular, being in a state of morbid sensibility, so that the causes which might in others produce neuralgia of the head or stomach or other parts, here concentrate their force upon the uterine nerves, giving rise to hyperaesthesia, which, under the influence of the menstrual congestion, causes pain. As one author says, the nerves play a part corresponding to that of the vessels in the congestive form

  2. What is the end result? Somehow can’t see any responses here 🙁 plz edit and add to above post, the correct answer .


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