WTP 20160520

WTP 20160520

I am indicated when there is prolapsus of Uterus with a heavy bearing down pain. A remedy that you must reach for when you have dysentery with “Great rumbling in the abdomen just before stool,”

Who am I?

  • Anjali Lathigara

    Yup aloe soc.
    Useful in crude form also n in potentised form also good medicine

  • Carol Brom

    Looks like Aloe Vera?

  • Christine Chmielewski

    Aloe vera (Curaçao-Aloe)

  • Jeki Oza

    Homeopathic use ???

  • Abu Imam Gazzali

    In Homeopathy :
    Aloe socotrina
    In Botanical Science :
    Aloe Vera
    In Bengali :

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    One of the aloes! I have three of the variations in my small farm. If the one in the picture is Aloe socotrina, then I have it here.

  • Shafiq Shahzad

    Aleo vera plant

  • Victoria McCurdy

    Aloe Vera – lovely!!

  • Joseph Willis

    DIY: How to Clear Your Sinuses in Seconds Using Nothing But Your Fingers http://www.healthylifeisbetter.com/diy-how-to-clear-your-sinuses-in-seconds-using-nothing-but-your-fingers/