WTP 20160502

WTR 20160502

I am indicated when all your complaints related to the throat, chest and ovaries are left sided. You feel very sad and depressed as the days goes by. Can’t stand to wear tight clothes.

Who am I?

  • Abhishek Shukla

    Please tell right medicine for this deasease


    I am Lachesis! Well done!

  • DrVivek Kanade

    A lot of Pt. Cured by Lachesis in my clinic

  • Talat Azher

    Yes it’s lachesis

  • Ra Ansari

    Can’t guess exactly, you tell me?

  • Pamela Joynt

    Tooth infection and pain Lachesis Hypericum and Phospheris 200 poten . Works wonders

  • DrDpasakthi AP

    Left sided remedy,
    Climactric complaints