WTP 20151221

WTP 20151221

I was proved with the following symptoms
1. A little giddiness in the head at times (after two weeks), (from the tincture).
2. Pain in inner side of right forearm, as of a boil developing.
3. Development of a small boil (after five hours), (from external application of tincture).

Who am I?

  • This is a condition that was reported at the time of proving the drug. Ref: Pure Materia Medica. H. C. Allen

  • Anjum Hanif

    I LOVE HOMEOPATHY can you explain the 3rd point. that after appling of tincture then boil appear.?


    I am Bellis perennis!!! 🙂

  • Katrina Graham

    Bellis Perennis our lovely indestructible lawn daisy

  • Ron van der Zee

    Bellis. Soft tissue damage!

  • Suzanne Davies

    Bellis perennis ! Excellent after C section births!

  • Pradeep Kumar Vn

    Good remedy for Railway spine.

  • Monica Suri

    Common Daisy is surely Bellis, the most effective remedy for many symptoms and conditions.