WTP 20151111


I am a tonic which helps increase your appetite. Indicated in vertigo, worse, rising or motion; better open air, frontal headache, which gets better by eating and open air.

  • Pragya Bharadwaj

    it is a chara remedy


    I am Gentiana lutea

  • Ganesh Nagare

    Different commentator suggest different remedy therefore one can get easily be confused

  • Pick Homoeopathy (or, if you insist ‘Homeopathy’)

    Oh get off it! These quizzes help us think and remember remedies and their rubrics. Feeling a bit grumpy, were we?

  • Jhon Mathew

    I am 6 fit tall but my weight 59kg.please post remedies to increase my weight

  • Ganesh Nagare

    @Admin:- Instead of playing quiz educate people

  • Christine Chmielewski

    Gentiana lutea (syn. Asterias lutea, Swertia lutea); Gelber Enzian;