WTF 20160106

WTF 20160106

I am indicated when you have Tonsils with white spots and pain runs up to your ear. Pains in the back and limbs.

Who am I?

  • Katrin Reichelt

    You are phytolacca.

  • Matt Zorn

    Also- eye- pupils- contracted- convulsions, during


    I am Phytolacca! 🙂

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    I go with Phytolacca berry

  • William Toles

    Baryta Carb. maybe

  • Marta Vallory

    Se necesitan mas datos para poder aconsejar correctamente!!

  • Marta Vallory

    Aquets fruits son de la Phytolacca. Aquí Vallgorguina en creixen per tot arreu!! És molt maca i creix alta i magestuosa. Es propaga fàcilment.

  • Subhaan Shahed

    Thnx a lottttt…..

  • Biswajit Sengupta

    For your 16 months baby try Bacillinium 200 and Calc phos 200 alternately once a week one dose for 6 week.

  • Amarilys Cesar

    Phytolacca decandra, berries

  • Sundar Dias

    Is it elderberry

  • Jafar Ali

    Calc phos 3x ….. 3 time a day

  • Khalid Nawaz Khan Babar

    calcaria phos 6x ferrum phos

  • Jennifer Bennett

    It could be Arsenicum album.

  • Madhuri Pujari

    Send photo of her ,I will tell medicine madam,iam also homeopathic doctor.

  • Nonoy Paloma Ybiernas

    pokeweed or phytolacca

  • BetsyKWilliams


  • Subhaan Shahed

    Plzz anyone help daughter is 16 mnth old but she is so thin and weak and she is not walking till now..she will eat everythin but all in vain and not gaining weight..plz help by giving the name of medicine in homeopathic.thnx