An exhaustive study of Homeopathic remedies for Whooping cough.


In the First Stage of whooping cough (the Irritative Period), the medicines which most frequently succeed in arresting the progress of
the complaint are :

Is especially indicated when, at the commencement, the cough is dry and sibilant, with fever ; or when the child complains of burning pains in the larynx or bronchia.

When, from the first, the cough is loose, with easy expectoration and hoarseness ; and especially when it manifests itself in consequence of a chill.

Nux vomica
When the cough is dry, and prevailing especially from midnight -until morning, with vomiting, anguish, choking fit, and bluish face, bleeding at the nose and mouth.

When, from the commencement, the cough is accompanied by great anguish, with danger of suffocation and bluish face ; and especially when Nux has proved insufficient against that state.

Pulsatilla — When, from the commencement, there is a loose cough, with vomiting of mucus or food, or else slimy diarrhoea.

Carbo vegetabilis.
When, notwithstanding the use of the medicines the cough threatens to proceed to the second stage ; or else when from the first it is of a con-
vulsive kind, appearing especially in the evening, or before midnight, with redness of the larynx, sore throat when swallowing, lachrymation,
or shooting pains in the head, pains in the chest and throat; or else when there is an eruption on the head and body.




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