PULSATILLA is a better antidote to whiskey than even NUX VOMICA.
Dr. Hering.

  • Carol Corbiere

    Here you go Josh Hudson told you that in CPR training lol U0001f600

  • DrRamesh Shah

    Subject to the characteristics of Pulsatilla match with that of the intoxicated person.

  • Nancy Siciliana

    I will make an instant note of that.

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  • Jay Tomes Davis

    Ummmmm, nux vomica – isn’t that strychnine?

  • Charanjyot Kaur

    It mostly falls at constitutional level here…..n acts marvelously

  • Charanjyot Kaur

    I agree

  • Rafa Pérez

    Karito Love

  • Prasun Kumar Das

    Thanks Maam, this medicine has a very quick effect. This wonders me. This is the product of Hanneman but not available to the H’man outlets. If you can give me little more information abt this medicine; Thanks

  • Raju Rohira

    Nux vomica *pulsatilla*nat phos* carbo veg* china
    Always take this combo liq 10 drops 2/3 times before and after whiskey
    Also Jondila syrup 2 tsp 3 times a day

  • Rashmini Boddepalli

    ss..rheum is an homoeopathic medicine

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Nux vomica , aicd sulph. Good medicine

  • Sidhu Baldevsingh

    Nix com and pulsatla good medicine

  • Harish Arora

    Good to know. I been using nux for past so many yrs

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  • Prasun Kumar Das

    can you pls tell me whether RHEUMPLEX-30 IS A HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE OR NOT ?

  • Modesto Roca Bernabéu

    Best solution don’t drink too much whiskey!

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    Suzanne Wheeler hopeyou.like Rita

  • DrShaikh Shamsur Rahman