When other systems give up – Homeopathy CURES!

case study

I was called to Mrs. Shultz, a young married woman, who had a short time before (three months, I think) had a miscarriage. She had, under the care of an old school physician, who stood high in the profession, not recovered her health, but had grown anæmic, weak and emaciated, and a bad cough, with considerable expectoration, had set in. Now the doctor gave it as his opinion that she had consumption and an unfavourable prognosis.
This of course was discouraging, and as he had treated her so long with this result they concluded to change doctors.

I took charge of the case with some misgivings, as the former physician was a man of acknowledged ability, but, as I watched the case, after a few days I observed that what the doctor had called hectic fever every afternoon was preceded by a distinct chill every day at 10 A. M. with clock-like regularity. I also noticed that the high fever was accompanied with very red face and throbbing headache, and was followed by sweat, which relieved all the suffering, and the rapid pulse became nearly normal in the morning. I also observed that the patient lived right on the banks of a swampy marsh. So I concluded to ignore the name the doctor had given the disease and give the remedy covering the symptoms. I gave Natrum mur., although it had never cured a case of consumption, and cured the patient, completely and rapidly. (Nash.)

Some would say that if the sputum, of which there was an abundance, had been subjected to microscopic investigation and had shown bacilli the splendid cure would not have been accomplished. Perhaps so ; but I have made a cure of a case which was discharged from Saranac (the great resort for consumptives) as incurable and did show bacilli in abundance. She was told that she would live only a few months at the longest. If the case is not too far along the “bugs” will leave under the homœopathic remedy. (N.)

A case from the Clinic of Dr. Nash




  1. If there are any doctors on this site, and I mean actual doctors that mix modern and homeopathic medicine, I need your help. My friend is only 47 and dying. She has multiple problems and just about every bodily system is malfunctioning, and causing mal affects on each other in the process. If there is anyone out there that wants to help email me at [email protected]. I would really appreciate it since she is my only friend and has a young child that I would like her to be able to see graduate in a few years. thank you so much.

  2. God bless all my homoeopathic Doctors.They r not Junior to me.Saibaba is the big Doctor Saheb.Good night Sirjis

  3. Most of the cases are that when other systems of treatment fails; it comes to us?.Homoeopathy cures.


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