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A case of lymphangitis with Lymphadenitis. This lady a mother of a boy and was under my treatment for Allergic Asthma and LYCOPODIUM 0/6 made a cure for her. And after sometimes she was allowed to stop the treatment.
One fine morning her husband called me and fixed an appointment immediately and after that I saw 2-3 persons carrying a lady to the clinic and then the husband rushed into the room and then immediately when I saw her ,asked them to bring her in to the consulting room.She was having severe pain and oedema on her left leg and it was told that she had a fall from staircase steps while she was looking after her mother in law who have been under the treatment of allopathic doctors at the medical college hospital.
After the fall she was taken to the orthopedic department and X ray showed no signs of fracture and they gave her some antibiotics and pain killers and later she came back to her house and took bed rest. She could not sleep since then and she was taken to a local doctor and as there was severe pain in the left inguinal region advised her to have an incision on the inguinal region. But as she was not willing for the same she asked her husband to call me and thus they came to my clinic.
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On examination, it was found that a big Streak (a line of infection in the lymphatics) descending from the left inguinal region downwards to the feet like an arrow with the tapering end downwards.It was like a red coir pice with more redness and width on the upper part and tapering downwards.She has no appetite but had severe thirst and she took a lot of hot Rice water.She could not sleep for the last few nights. She was restless during night and nobody was allowed to touch on the same. So she was given the 30 Potency of the similimum and asked to have a blood test which is given in the top. On the next morning it was told that she got some good sleep and wake up with a little bit of relief to the pain but the Streak spread a little more.The blood test results showed a very high rise in the ESR 100 .In the second night her husband informed me that she has severe pain and asked to repeat the medicine and she slept by 12 PM and woke up by 8am and in the evening she was brought in to the clinic and her expression was very good and adviced them to wait for some more time. 2 days later the redness in the feet started fading out below upwards and by the 5th day they came again and I have noticed the changes that happened. The Streak at the lower part fading to black and it goes upwards towards the inguinal region. By the time the pain at the inguinal region also very much relieved and she was able to walk freely.
By the 10 th day she was able to work in the kitchen and bath without oil and the blood test results also showing very good improvement and she was continued with Placebos and by the 15 th day the ESR came to 25 and she was adviced to have the oily bath and by the next week she was perfectly alright.
In this case we can really see the Homoeopathic medicinal aggravation fallowed by amelioration. So cure taking place from last to the first one physically and ..

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