What’s the Remedy?

Sensation as if

Sensation as if he had swallowed too much of Air.

  • Lata Handa

    Kis ka liya medisan ha


    The remedy is Platina! 🙂

  • Shahida Sultana

    Lyco, carbo veg,

  • KarunaShankar Shukla

    Platina….is right answer

  • Nirav Shah

    Pls accept my frnd request I have sent to you

  • Nirav Shah

    Issy would request you to be in my circle of doctors and friends

  • Nirav Shah

    Yes agree these 3 also add natrum phos and arsenic

  • DrVivek Kanade

    Yes…Carbo veg. Right remedy

  • Bandna Thakur

    Carbo. Veg nd ptelea

  • Fatima Qamar

    Lycopodium Carbo veg china and nux vomica

  • Sara Langley

    Yes, agree these 3

  • Issy J White

    Lycopodium, Carbo veg, Nux vom.
    As always, it needs more symptoms to match a remedy, not just this.