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This girl is the elder one in the family and the other one is her younger brother.

She was suffering from recurring fever and abdominal pain from the childhood and was under allopathic treatment up to the age of 6&1/2.She was diagnosed with Liver disease. The parents were very much worried about it and one of my patients directed them to me. Usually she had fever every two weeks and suffers abdominal pain frequently.

She was sitting in a frightened mood while I was talking to her parents. Gradually she started smiling and later slowly answered to my questions. She loves her brother but at the same time she was little bit jealous towards him. She was very slow in eating and drinks very little and that too by force. She likes everything cold and prefer meat and fish. Some times she gets pain in abdomen after taking meat.Whenever she gets pain her parents hold her in their shoulder and she likes carrying. All of a sudden the crying turns into a smile. Her bowels were normal and at times there is vomiting at the time of fever. Usually the fever begins at night and like fanning and being covered. But may ask them to stop fanning and forced them to open the windows.

So she was given the 30 th Potency of the medicine and it was reported that she feels better in the next morning. So she was continued with Sac lac. In the next month she has pain in the abdomen and some kind of eruptions over hands and legs. But gradually it spread all over so that I was forced to repeat the medicine. Two days later they called me to their house and it was found that she was having very high fever and cough and feels very drowsy so gave her Antim tart 30 and by evening she felt better. In the meantime her blood test done and it was a clear picture of Pneumonia .Here Antim tartaricum as usual brought her back to normal within 3 days. And the eczematous eruptions were completely cured by two weeks and she joined the school again and gradually she was getting better.

After some time the problems started again and then I gave the same medicine which was given in the first time in 1 M Potency and it works wonderfully well and gradually the gap between attach of fever and pain increased by two to three months and now it is comes very rarely.Now she is continuing with Sac lac and very rarely we repeat the medicine.Now it is two years passed and the family were able to pay back some of their debts and recently her father got a good job and are doing well.

The smile itself may lead to the similimum.

This is a case of CHOLEDOCHAL CYST, as you know that it may be a congenital problem in the bile duct and there is a chance of jaundice ,but so far no problems at all and I am having full confidence that she won’t develop this in the future.

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What’s the remedy?



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  1. Thanks for your comments. In this case if we look at the mind of the child we can see the sudden change of weeping to smiling, and the consolation gives relief. So this is a typical case of PULSATILLA and the child is intolerant meat (fat).This also confirms it.
    Congratulations to Jasmin James,M Umar Umar for your right answer.


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