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This patient is the wife of my father’s elder brother and aged 80 at the time of consultation.
She had been under my treatment for Warts on chest and warts around pubic areas and Thuja30 was continuing for some times and some of the Warts were gone and there was no other complaints.
She had 2 sons and 3 Daughters and husband died some 25 years back due to a stroke and all the marriages except the elder daughter was conducted after that.
She underwent lot of struggles during this period.
As she was staying with the younger son who was constructing a house and this was the first time she was given Thuja30 After some 6-7 months one day she told me that she is having some pain in the abdominal region and on inspection it was found little bit of hardness inside and the blood reports showed raised ESR and HB level little bit low ie below 9.
Suggested to consultation at Alapuzha medical college for investigation and there it was found that it was a 3rd stage of cancerous condition with metastasis to liver, lungs, stomach and uterus then they give them the option of chemotherapy or radiation therapy and the scope of success according to them is very remote and then decided to continue with my treatment and then I took a detailed case talking and give Carcinocin 1 M for one week and later got some clear cut symptoms.,
1 The organs affected were mostly on the right side
2 Desire for sweets
3 No thirst.4 Desires for hot food and drinks. 5 Desire to be uncovered ,6 Desires fanning and cold bathing.7 Pain more of lower abdomen.
Then gave the 30 th Potency of the medicine and she was happy with it and continued good quality of food and drinks and slept well and never got a feeling that she is having a killer disease and I never gave any tinctures or any vitamin supplements and repeat the same every two weeks and then after 3 months changed the Potency to 1M and repeated the same every two weeks and after 9 months changed it to 0/3 a dose every 3 days and then after ,two month a dose daily and then changed the Potency to 0/6 and continued it till the death .She lived happily for nearly two years and she never had any severe pain or vomiting or diarrhea or never screamed and on the day of departure she felt little bit of discomfort and immediately advised to take the medicine in diluted water and had her breakfast just an hour before the death and I was called in immediately, and stood near her in the dying minutes.She was never given any IV fluids.



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DHMS from Athurasramam N S S Homoeopathic Medical college in 1983 and private practice in my village from 1985 by name Jaya Homoeopathic clinic. Completed 30 years on the January 12 th 2016. Former Secretary of IHK Cherthala for 8 years. Former district President of Alapuzha IHK .3. General convenor of Hahnemannian study circle Cherthala since 2010. Faculty at IHK district level and state level. Conducted more than 25 seminars at various locations in Kerala. Took more than 100 Public health awareness campaign classes in Alapuzha district. Published lot of articles at various levels, INDIAN express news paper,various Malayalam magazines and the recently an article on Migrane at Kanyaka bimonthly.


  1. We can educate younger generation homeopathic doctors on another platform which does not have access to general public

  2. Thank you Dr.Dhanesh Jayasimhan, sir, I LOVE HOMEOPATHY is not restricted to younger generation doctors only it has access to the general public therefore, in my opinion it will be better not to post, posts which have quiz like puzzles, please

  3. I have no problem in posting the name of the medicine with the case. Let us wait for others to have a say in this

  4. Thanks Ganesh Nagare ,What I was doing in these posts by posting cáses without mentioning the name of the medicine is to give the younger generation doctors a chance to prescribe the medicine. There by enabling them to be better prescribers.Homoeopathy as you know is a system where we have to consider different aspects of the case to find out the similimum.

  5. Friends, I am happy with your comments.It was a clear case of LYCOPODIUM LYCOPODIUM is a very good medicine for Cancer. Congratulations to Issy J White,Carole CW,Elsje Winnubst,.Basudev Basudeva Panda,Chamandeep Kaur,Chandran San and Prince Tiwari

  6. At first glance only …which is hardly satisfactory… I would say lycopodium.

  7. It will be highly welcomed if “I love homeopathy” comes with symptoms and its correct medicine. That is all we expect from them, instead of playing quiz.

  8. In solving quiz different people suggest different medicines, if anybody follow wrong medicine and suffer loss who will be responsible for it?

  9. “I love homeopathy” expected to educate people not to confuse them. How can one play quiz using medical subject? I had raise this issue last year and many people supported me and they stopped playing quiz but unfortunately they again started playing quiz with a serious subject like medicines

  10. Lycopodium. However not enough symptoms to make an accurate, educational or ethical judgement on.

  11. To have quality of life towards the many years before our transition is ready for our acceptance. One day comes to all of us. There are many angels ready to hold our hand no matter what. It is by far more peaceful, to let an angel hold our hand embracing the transition as it should be. This is also by far a much better way than dying a rotting carcass of cancers, having some one wipe the dribbles from every orifice. Dignity & respect is so much better than seeing everyone around you looking at you with feelings of uselessness, despair, anguish & sadness. The remedy is Homeopathy…so be it. Everything about homeopathy is so beautiful. That is why every mother should encounter a homeopathy remedy A Mother is very special. She created & gave birth just to have you…The transition is also a gift from the Universe. Only fitting Mother Universe gifted homeopathy as a thank you. For her children & all the Mother’s of them with much love.


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