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Therapeutics - What's the Remedy?

A very irritable lady, suffering under the most violent and threatening nervous symptoms, even spasms ; had hectic fever, sleepless nights, and her
mind was nearly deranged ; disturbed by unfounded jealousy. After one dose of remedy X, she soon was well and remained so.




  1. I think she needs hyos. on basis of totality i.e ., spasms, night aggravation and mind – ailments from unreasonable jealousy.

  2. Mind-ailments from jealous, Fever-hectic fever – Sleep-sleeplessness-night, Generals-convulsions-clonic Cannot use my repertory right now to find the remedy plus cannot fully understand the word deranged, I think the rubric is mind-insanity-erotic) I would choose among Lach, Plat and Hyos if I could repertorize it.

  3. Anamika shahi what the hell are you saying??? Where the hell did you learn Homeopathy? How can you suggest him a remedy without receiving medical history? Plus where the hell did you learn to treat in this unorthodox way? Have you ever read Hanemman or Jt Kent?

  4. Lachesis -200, one time a day.
    Staphisagria- 200, alternate day.
    Last but not the least Aconite-200 alternate day.

  5. Haaaaaaaaa here r the medicine for that lady according to me.
    1-Nux vom Q-30 ml (half cup hot water + 10 drop at bed time night once daily.
    2-Chammomila 30-30 ml ( five drops with 2 tea spoon plain water thrice daily.


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