What’s the remedy


Sad and gloomy for ten days, the following ten days excited. During the first quiet, sad and anxious ; picks his fingers ; lies in bed most of the time ; does not
like to answer questions ; passes urine often during the night. Confused feeling in the head, often sits lost in thought. He eats and drinks, has only one stool in three days. Weak memory. Timid — cannot be persuaded to work. Sleeps very restlessly.

The ten days following : very much excited, passionate, domineering, quarrelsome, scolds a great deal. Likes to wear his best clothes. Makes useless
purchases, cares very little for the things, wastes or ruins them. Does not want to work — goes to play ; quarrels with every one — will not bear contradiction ; all the time picks his nose, which bleeds easily.

Whats’s the remedy?




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