What’s the remedy?

Constitutional remedy

Anxiety, burning in stomach and contraction in abdomen ; fear drives me out of bed ; walks about moaning ; anxiousness in evening , with palpitation and heat ; dullness in head ; puffed face, red and flushed ; pulse rather weak ; gnawing in the epigastrium, with heartburn with regurgitation ; urging to urinate but scanty urine.




  1. Hum… ok that makes sense, sorry. But there still has to be a connection between learning and teaching. 24 hrs. is a stretch.

  2. Digitalis embodies most symptoms. This one in particular
    he was obliged to rise from Bed in the night (Quoted from Allen T.F.)

  3. Pat Siemer, we give the answers a day after so people from all the time zones get the chance to try and answer. Kartik

  4. Not good. You need to connect the answer with the symptoms while reading. People are busy. Just remembering to get back to the site for the answer the next day is unrealistic. Don’t really want to rely on peoples answers even though they all look correct (Ars) .I’m learning and I like the site but give the correct answer in a reasonable amount of time.

  5. I really like this site but when you put forth a question please give the answer. This is a reaching site. Right?

  6. I see there is one comment at this time, but it cannot be seen. Without actually looking it up, I might be inclined towards Phos. or Sulpher.


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