What comes to mind


What comes to mind when you think of Silicea?

  • Nina Golay

    2sd in school

  • Rubina Shaikh

    Surgical knife

  • Mercy Mathew

    Big sweaty head with a lean body

  • Jenny Ojakovoh

    You look them up and check them! Mostly though I find that other people’s responses are memory joggers for me. Also I like to read other homeopaths’ experiences of how a remedy has helped patients. But it is a site for practitioners, patients and everyone with even a scintilla of interest in homeopathy which is a good thing. If you want to check something out you can always ask on the site. Lots of people will be pleased to answer your questions.

  • Harbans Dhawan

    Poor assimilation, despite good food child remains frail and thin. Expells pus from oozing wounds and foreign bodies.

  • Deenah Georgianna


  • Kim Kastein Smith

    Well as far as people’s responses, how am I to know if they are correct. Anyone could post a response. I would prefer to see remedy of the day. This is what it is good for as part of an article.

  • Val Noble

    Strong bones, expels foriegn particles. Lacks confidence, worries about what others think. Extremely thin, feel the cold. Ill effects of vaccination. I used this on a young girl who had paralysis down left side after cervical vaccination. Cured within 24 hrs.

  • Judith Spolander

    Minerals which are especially good for hair, skin and nails, which all have the protein Keratin, in them.

  • Yogini Chouhan

    Foreign particles; large heads small body

  • Anja Schmidt

    This is an education site. Every day you will find a remedy of the day, clinical tips, remedy resonance and so on. Go to the website, there you will find more. The quizzes are great to proof you knowledge and to get really good hints to remember the remedies. ILH are doing such great work, thanks ILH!!!

  • Fakrunnisa Moulavi

    affection of nails, ingrowing toe nail, crippled nails.

  • Homoeopathic Physician

    Suppuration ,removing foreign particle,sweetly hands & feets,nail fungus ,anal fistula

  • Kartik Raghava Murty S

    Kim, please visit our website http://www.ilovehomoeopathy.com

  • Pratima Dixit

    Surgeon’s knife.

  • Ganesh Nagare

    Wish this was more of an education site and less of a quiz site

  • An Be

    Is it the same as silica? I’ve heard yes and no so I’m confused. I’ve also read it’s good for headaches, how long should one stay on it? Is there a Max limit?

  • Jan Seddon

    removal of splinters and anything foreign from the body x its great x

  • Harimy Baiadori

    I learn a lot from the experience of others… don’t know about yourself.

  • Kavita Singh Dutta


  • Jenny Ojakovoh

    It is an education site. One can learn so much from contributors’ answers. The brain learns better from quiz type style learning, rather than a stream of info.

  • Jenny Ojakovoh

    It gives backbone to those feeling weak. Excellent remedy for bullied children. Great in lower potencies for expelling foreign bodies, healing boils and abscesses. Great tooth remedy. This is a fabulous remedy!

  • Ashim Naskar

    Very useful drug in somnambulism ,blood boil& carbuncle & also anal fistula.

  • Theresia Henriksson


  • RebekahGrace Paparella

    can be thuja too….

  • Kaukab Zai

    Expels out all the weird ..

  • Nosheen Younas


  • Shivi Mehra

    A remedy for degeneration