Nux moschata

What comes to mind when you think of Nux moschata?

  • Maureen R. Reagan


  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Dryness in the mouth

  • Victoria Drofdoow

    Drowsiness. Tongue sticks to roof of n

  • Harbans Dhawan

    Dry parched mouth like wood, yet one does’t desire to drink water. Sleepiness and fainting are other important symptoms leading to the remedy.

  • RebekahGrace Paparella

    Laughing over serious matters..

  • Bhavisha Hirapara

    Dryness of mouth-too much thirsty,,chronic constipation

  • Wobbley Picklet


  • Nevada Spain

    Nuts & moscato wine

  • Lorissa Lincoln

    Seriously?!?! Smh.

  • Mohammad Ali

    Also works well in GERD. Sore eructation..

  • Mohini Saini

    extreem dryness

  • Manikanchan Pariari

    Thirstlessness with hyterical

  • Basudeva Panda

    Dryness in mouth, tongue, throat & in eyes; mostly during sleep. Loss of memory, changeable humor & severe leucorrhoea in absence of mences.

  • Shahida Sultana

    Unconquerable sleep,weakness or loss of memory,changeable humor,hysterical attacks..

  • Udaya Nath Rajasekara

    Lean tall lady .with narrow chest frequently having leucorria. Tend to have ovarian cancer…but I like her tinney breast

  • Kas-Sky Centre

    Excessive bloating and bowel trouble

  • Susann Laverie

    Of all these symptoms and you can only think of tiny breasts? Typical male.

  • Elsje Winnubst

    Confusion. Can be befuddled about where they are what street they’re in. Near collapse. Fainting a lot. Fainting at the sight of blood.

  • Moeez Iqbal

    Dryness of mouth and throat,no perspiration(Alumina),dry skin.excessive sleep.

  • Dipti Rami

    Dull dizzy drowsy

  • Anupama Rajput Purey


  • Mamta Bhambani

    for acidity best

  • Elisabeth O’cruse

    What’…tell us!

  • Farida Wadia


  • Helena de Sousa


  • Awadhesh Thakur

    Dryness, sleepiness,

  • Profshahazmatali Shah

    Fits , fainting with heart failure , strange feeling .

  • Udaya Nath Rajasekara

    Tinny breasts

  • Abhishek Shukla

    is it works in chronic constipation ?

  • Arputharaj Kamaraj

    Thirstlessness with dryness

  • Kübra Uzun

    Dryness of mouth, forgetfulness, confusion, sleepiness, colic, constipation

  • Ashok Kumar Rath

    Coma like situation in any disease

  • Aryev Bhardwejj

    Sleepy, drowsy, frequent fainting, Stupor, insensibility.

  • Raman Dhaliwal


  • Amudha Rajendran

    Great dryness of the mouth