What Comes To Mind

Kali arsenicosum

What comes to mind when you think of Kali arsenicosum?

  • Fauzia Afzal

    inveterate skin diseases

  • DrBishanu CVarty


  • Charanjyot Kaur

    Anxiety abt health extreme

  • Ferenc Sasvári

    Extremly strong fear of heart disease

  • Takács Edina

    Fear and panic

  • Ujjwal Jain

    The patient is of Kali ars. Or not..

  • Saajan Preet

    Cough on lying down as head touches pillow

  • Venkatesan RK

    Skin diseases, malignant, psoriasis… Itching..

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Dry skin scaly eruptions

  • DrPradnya Bankar

    Early Responsibility, fastidious, family, strong person….

  • DrJagadeesh Chittikanna

    Dry scaly n itching skin worse from warmth….

  • Disha Parekh

    Discolaration of skin esp black spots

  • Awadhesh Thakur


  • Sailesh Kurien

    Fowlers solution….
    Skin problems…