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What comes to mind when you think of Ledum palustre




  1. Yes anjun I live I a country area where ticks artery prevalent.we put it in our puppy’s water and when tick lands on her we find the tick in her hair dead. So image it foursome of my friends for their dogs and they have the same result.also great to remove the residual from vaccination

  2. Lady nocked on my door 7.30. In the morning asked to look at her young son in her car who had been bitten by a tick.she was on her way to the hospital, thought about Th 4 to6 hr wait saw my sign, stopped. I looked at her child, whose left eye had swollen to size of an apple. I gave him ledum 6x each hr. She jumped in her can but instead of continuing on to hospital, she turned and went home,I was a bit concerned but could not do anything.the next morning she arrived again and dragged me out to her car were her son sat completely back to normal.I have never.forgotten what ledum is capable of

  3. Picaduras de mosquito, Dolores e inflamación articular…

  4. my mum got horrible to healing process due to cat is infected by fungus..biting his left hand when cat is fighting each others..

  5. I keep this handy for my hubby and son who repair vehicles for a living. Works a charm every time.

  6. After small injury than after black spot on body her Palace…. Please suggest medicine

  7. Dee, I am looking for people who are healing their cats, can I message you?

  8. Puncture wounds. It worked well on one of my cats when as a kitten, his sibling caught him in the eye with a claw. The vet wanted to remove the eye as the cornea was punctured. I begged the vet to let me try homeopathy first. The cornea healed, with minimal scarring and the kitty kept his eye and can see out of it.


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