What comes to mind

Kali bromatum

What comes to mind when you think of Kali bromatum?

  • Wisal Khan

    Acne and ovarian cyst

  • Gajanan Ule

    Simple acne kali bro 30 best

  • Mauricio Alfonso Castellanos Tovar

    Perdida de memoria…

  • Katrina Graham

    Feeling very alone and forsaken with Impending doom. Hopeless and sure something terrible will happen and that alone one must face it.

  • Matt Zorn

    Delusions he has incurred God’s vengeance.
    Potassium bromide was used by allopathic doctors to treat convulsions. The main side effect was psychotic breaks where the patient felt guilty as if God was coming for him.

  • Neelima Bhatt

    Failure of mental power loss of memory

  • Kaukab Zai

    Religious mania,weak memory,pustules,acne much more….

  • Asad Ahmad Rao

    Delusions of persecuting
    Suicidal thoughts
    Memory weak
    Manic symptoms
    Symptoms better during physical and mental work
    Symptoms worse after excessive sexual activities

  • Lokmani Gupta


  • Christine Chmielewski

    Delirium, with delusions; thinks he is pursued; will be poisoned; is selected for Divine vengeance.

  • Manasa Maanu

    loss of sensibility,memory, night terrors of children