What comes to mind

Calcarea carbonica

What comes to mind when you think of Calcarea carbonica?

  • Farhat Ghazala

    Swelling on body,with pain ful knees in flaby women,profuse sweating.

  • Robin Faith

    Slow dentition slow to crawl, walk. Tubercular remedy.

  • Kartar Singh

    In children and young sweat wetting of pillows and in aged people mind on the heart.

  • Humayera Shahid

    Remark about the call. C_Faintness with fitness, sweating without heat, bone without strength,

  • Humayera Shahid

    Great sensitivenesss to take cold, cal c. Is great for polypi and exostosisk(unnatural growth of bone) fear from darkness and very forgetfull

  • Humayera Shahid

    The main seat of action on, bone, glad, skin, mind, and female general organe

  • Humayera Shahid

    Great Abtipsoric remedy

  • Mohammad Owais

    always in his mind that he/she had done sumthing wrong

  • Venkatesan RK

    Flabby, fatty, chubby, profuse head / palm sweating, craving egg. Frequent need in children.

  • Jamie Streett-CiHom

    Lots of fear, clam

  • Ruth Shirtcliffe

    Late teething chubby baby’s

  • Frank Plunkett

    Fair fatty flabby fearful, like shaking hands with a cold frog.

  • Kriti Jaiswal

    Fat and flabby and always desires company

  • Katie Biggs

    I would need the totality from my patient

  • DrSonam Soni

    Me too..

  • Dr-Nasima Dar

    same is mine.

  • Luciana Acioli

    Need for protection

  • DrSonam Soni

    Fair fatty flabby..U0001f602U0001f602

  • Bie Haroon

    Its mostly for women , having their problems

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