White Helleborous, dangerous to smell its aroma as it can
harm permanently the nasal passages due to its poison.
Hahnemann used this remedy in Asiatic Cholera, cholera morbus and the EVACUATION type of, and its COLDNESS(cold feet, cold face, cold hands, cold sweat, cold breath) with cold sweat in forehead are a key note to this Remedy. Acts prominently in abdominal organs and splaenich nerves and when this nervs are paralized the blood vessels become over-charged with blood and forth their serum. Postration, coldness and terrible sinking sensation that starts at all nerves.
Hahnemann also said that veratrum had the power to cure 1/3 of the elders recluded at insane asylums, due to delirum with great intensity and violence but be careful when used as mental disorder remedy, the coldness and weakness is not there, there is red face, vertigo with pale face standing up.
In its mind symptoms; Delirium with restlessnes, with desire to cut and tear the cloathing, shoes, eats a piece, locuacity, rapid earnest loud talking, lasciviousness, lewdness in talk, you can difficulty distinguish this mental from Bell. and Stram. In women nymphomania with mental distrubances in the sexual sphere, before the menstrual period, rushes about the room kissing every one, and framing lies of the most outrageous character.
Great coldness and postration after FRIGHT, with diarrea.
Ver. diarrea is profuse, waterly and greenish like spinach flake, or bloody with sharp cutting pains.
Ver., diarrhea symptoms appear profuse vomiting and purgin at the same time,pains specially in calves of legs.
Also profuse stool, rice water stools with great postration < night, emaciation and it is useless to give Veratrum in in Choleraic affections unless there is pain. Veratrum has the Mania to eat its own stool or sheat. has dispair of his recovery, attemps suicide, religious suicide, melancholic, his head hangs down and sits brooding in silence. All fruits cause painful distension of stomach gnawing hunger spite of nausea and vomiting Violent vomit with profuse diarrhea is a key note. with Copious evacuations, vomiting, copious urine, copious salivation copious sweat it drains all tissues, depleting the vitality causing vertigo, vision fog, faitness, colapse. BEATRIZHH.




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