Taking up from last week’s instance from a patient, let us define some related rubrics. The patient was very conscious about her appearances, and always wanted to be well dressed before she appeared in front of others, including her family. Some of the rubrics shared by all were,
Sensitive opinion of others, fastidious, delusion wretched she looks, coquettish too, body ugly etc. We need to connect them with other expressions of the patient to conclude. Of course this is true for any rubric, if co-related we can have a firm base. A fastidious person would be fastidious in other aspects of his life like keeping his things, his desk, cupboard etc. Fastidious personal appearance about has only one or two remedies that are not proved well, it would be risky to take them at least at the top. Ditto sensitive opinion of others and delusion wretched she looks.
Two rubrics that define dressing could be, VANITY and EXTRAVAGANT (Both not related with last week’s case).

VANITY—one who takes pride in one’s possessions, appearances and abilities. Whether the qualities are worth the pride, is a different issue. But we are concerned with what the patient thinks, whether appropriate or not, and if not then more so characteristic! A person who takes pride even in one’s dressing up could be VAIN.
Vanity can also be cross referred with Conceit and after co-relation haughty. Some important remedies are ARS,BELL,CARC,LIL-T,LYC,MERC,NUX-V,PLAT,PULS,SULPH,VERAT.

EXTRAVAGANT—anything that is excess, unnecessary or more than required is extravagant, including dressing up or make up. A person could also be extravagant in actions, opinion, language, spending etc. Appropriateness is lost when a person is extravagant.


A person could be both vane and extravagant, if a person dresses up excessively and takes pride in it. Bell, plat, nux, merc and verat are.



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