Uterine prolapse

I have been astonished at its power over prolapsus uteri. It seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments.
Dr. Hughes

  • Anjum Hanif

    I also saw to used sepia in 1 M for prolapses.

  • Judy Jenkins

    i think its STANNUM

  • Abhishek Shukla

    U mean to say sepia works to cure this type of ds.

  • Esther Mar Mar

    Wich potencie? Thanks

  • Nataliya Rychkova

    Dr. Burnett used Fraxinus

  • Islam Rafiqul Akm

    Why should we use sepia in this case? If we do not find the sepia’s totality of symptoms, would we apply sepia ? Is there not any other remedies in homeopathy for uterine prolapsus ?

  • Shreya Shah

    I’ve used Sepia with results in 24hrs. By the time my patient saw the gynaecologist after 2 days she diagnosed there was no prolapse and “everything was in its place” No recurrence

  • Nayan Kundu

    OK…. I will do the same…. Thanks Nirmala Bhatnagar

  • bfralish

    what would doses be

  • bfralish

    what is the remedy

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Sepia, Lilium tigrinum, Five phos

  • Neelima Tigga

    Yes, its Sepia but Arnica Montana and calc fluor also help

  • Shahid Mahmood

    …a symptom of Sepia

  • Lokmani Gupta

    remeady can be sepia with cal.flor.

  • Maria T. Bohle

    Sepia. The little cuttlefish.

  • Clare Considine

    Sepia, ink of cuttle fish

  • Nirmala Bhatnagar

    Nayan.khatta dahi lagaen wash after half an hour with mild shampoo do every week

  • Nirmala Bhatnagar

    I think sepia high is very effective in case of utrus prolaps even on animals

  • Lou Parker

    What is the remedy??

  • Christine Chmielewski

    You write as a remark of Dr. Hughes: “I have been astonished at its power over prolapsus uteri. It seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments. Dr. Hughes” – Which remedy seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments?????? I am very keen to learn about the remedy. Please inform us. Thank you.

  • Naina Sahar

    Can’t see any article? Where it is??

  • Jibran Raja

    Is it a game of peek a boo?

  • Hassina Uzunova

    The remedy might be Sepia.

  • Lila Tan

    Can’t see any article?

  • Robin Faith

    So, what was the remedy?It directs you to a bunch of thumbnail photos.

  • Nayan Kundu

    I have heavy dandruff problem in winter & summer also……. That’s why my I m suffering in hair loss…. Can you give me the solution please……..

  • Abhishek Shukla

    There is no article n medicine ?

  • Martha Mccullough

    Where’s the article. Your giving nothing. U0001f644