Uterine fibroid

If a fibroid tumour of the uterus is located in the posterior wall of the uterus, we will have ante-version with the symptoms of vesical irritation, doe to the pressure on the bladder. This pressure on the bladder forms a mechanical obstruction to the flow of urine and the patient will tell you that she cannot pass urine without considerable difficulty. Fortunately we have one remedy that we can depend upon for this condition. Tincture SOLIDAGO VIRG AUREA 5 drops once in three hours until recovered.
Dr. Eli. G. Jones. M.D




  1. I once had 2 medium sized fibroids which had caused me a great deal of pelvic pain and pressure on my bladder. I was actually scheduled for a surgery to remove the fibroids. Luckily, I came across an article on how to remove uterine fibroids using natural methods. I followed the steps and I was able to cure my uterine fibroids. I eat a well-balanced diet and stayed away from stress. What I did is the following:

    1. Aerobic Dancing helped in reducing my stress and blood pressure.
    2. I followed this treatment plan in curing uterine fibroids holistically. This is the most vital part of my recovery.
    3. I did aromatherapy with essential oils that helped increase circulation in and around my pelvic region.

    Link to the guide I used: healthandremedies*org/fibroids-miracle-review
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    That’s it. If you plan in following the guide I used, just be consistent. Also, the guide will teach you secrets such as what supplements to take to dramatically reduce the cramping, bloating, inflammation, pain and bleeding associated with uterine fibroids.


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