Used by Egyptians to make glass, the Potassium Carbonate

Used by Egyptians to make glass, the Potassium Carbonate
Has the weakness characteristic of all Potassium salts is seen
specially in this, with soft pulse, coldness, general depression, stitching
pains, all the Kali pains a sharp and cutting > motion.
Kali-C Key note RIGIDITY:
Kent remarks in his Lecture notes “the Kali Carbonicum patient is a hard
patient to study and is not used as often as it should”
Formality, a stiffness that reveals a lack of relaxation of body and mind.
They are responsible, serious, and conventional, difficult to have fun
because they are concerned doing the right things, fear of change, they
stick to the exact details of job, duties, the law is the law remedy.
Kali-c mental rigidity leads to an inability or unwillingness to adapt general
rules to specific circunstances. He sticks to tried tested formulaes,
the written laws of the land, religious codes, proffessional protocols, or the
values handed down by his forebears. Kali-c is sensible, logical and quiet about his
principles seeks for approval. Squareness is a quality that is hard to define.
it combines several characteristis chiefly conservatism, inflexibility and e
excessive seriousness. ( Dr. Philip M Bailey)
STITCHING PAINS, lower right chest through to back ,
anaemia with blating, especially upper eyelids which hang down like a bag of
water, backache, sweat, weakness very great, drops down in chair exhausted.
Everything turns to gas, heart weakness, stitching pains in puerperal fever
till the patient cries out loudly.
Anaemic condition in old age, dropsical tendecy,
Sour stomach and lumbago , bad slimy and bitter taste in mouth and much
saliva, gums separate from teeth, gastric disorders from Ice Cream or Ice.
DO NOT USE IT in FEVER, Complementary Carbo V
Antidoted by Camphora, coffea
Used in old gouty cases advanced bright’s and tuberculosis.
Asthma, and chest affections like cough, no appetite. with expectoration
of matter of pus, emaaciated. bends foward to cough, waking at 2 am.
Sitting up, leaning foward, relieves in chest affections




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