Urtica urens

In case of minor burns, always use URTICA URENS tincture, a few drops in a bowl of warm water and immerse the affected part. Urtica urens magically takes away the pain and heals the burn or scald.
Dr. Blackie

  • Amar Kumar

    drug will not produce cure when used in potencies above 12c, if it is not a similimum for that case. That means, if a prescription brings cure or positive response, it should be the similimum, what ever be the ‘method’ used to decide that prescription. Same way, if a prescription does not produce cure or relief, it is obvious that the drug was not similimum, what ever theories and methods you used to find that prescription.

  • Lori Wessel

    I took urtica after spilling a very hot cream sauce over my hand, which blistered within 30 seconds. Two doses and soaking in a hypericum/calendula solution healed the burn and blisters within half an hour. I love homeopathy.

  • Elisa Lottor

    I also use cantharis orally, and aloe topically

  • Max Wilks

    Just love the simplicity

  • Carmina Nic

    Maybe hypericum,but we need more symptoms!

  • Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

    two weeks child cried on moving her leg which got the vaccination for 3 hrs on end one bit of hypericum ointment made her sleep within few minutes.

  • Sameh Shalaby

    Cantharis is the best

  • Krystal Crawford

    Burns and scalds are more cantharis

  • Merri Bulgier-Bright

    what do you use for nerve damage after surgery/