Urtica urens

In case of minor burns, always use URTICA URENS tincture, a few drops in a bowl of warm water and immerse the affected part. Urtica urens magically takes away the pain and heals the burn or scald.
Dr. Blackie




  1. drug will not produce cure when used in potencies above 12c, if it is not a similimum for that case. That means, if a prescription brings cure or positive response, it should be the similimum, what ever be the ‘method’ used to decide that prescription. Same way, if a prescription does not produce cure or relief, it is obvious that the drug was not similimum, what ever theories and methods you used to find that prescription.

  2. I took urtica after spilling a very hot cream sauce over my hand, which blistered within 30 seconds. Two doses and soaking in a hypericum/calendula solution healed the burn and blisters within half an hour. I love homeopathy.

  3. two weeks child cried on moving her leg which got the vaccination for 3 hrs on end one bit of hypericum ointment made her sleep within few minutes.


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