Uranium nitricum

What comes to mind when you think of Uranium Nitricum?




  1. Sizijium jambolin of Hapro depending upon the count.Diabetics is not a disease. It is only because of the disfunctioning n misfunctioning of the systems in pancreasis which means treatment for the basic n deepseated point can route out this permanently 100 percent.

  2. One of the best remedy for diabetes type 2 in south Asian countries and those area’s where drinking water contains high content of lime stone particles,water contains high calcium reduces the absorption of food and normal functionality of stomach, continues use of such a water may leads to the male functionality of stomach and lever, uranium nit.is best remedy in such a case if other symptoms also present.

  3. Besides being therapeutically so useful in Diabetes Mellitus…it is also useful in Gastric and duodenal ulcer…..also to be compared with Lyco in GIT complaints especially faltulence


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